What to do in Grand Canyon?

The immense size of Grand Canyon National Park is short of amazing. On the surface, this natural wonder covers at least 1 million acres of land. Traditionally, people prefer to measure based on how long the Colorado Rover winds through the entire park, which is at 277 miles.

Before you venture out into the amazing attractions of the Grand Canyon, it is best to take some time to do your homework for useful travel tips.

  • Get educated

Don’t miss out on the fun and insightful park ranger programs that are being held throughout the entire Grand Canyon vicinity. You can sign up to most programs and most of them are free. Take advantage of these educational tours that include information about the culture and history of the Grand Canyon.

  • Experience the Grand Canyon

There is no better way to know more about a place than trying out the many experiences that it offers. For instance, the Grand Canyon Association Field Institute offers backpacking and hiking classes to beginners. For experienced hikers and campers, the national park also offers overnight backcountry trekking activities that you can enjoy.

Other activities that might pique your interest are:

  • Indian Garden Backpack
  • Yoga on the Edle
  • South Rim Fiber Arts & Wool Workshop
  • Boucher Canyon Tamarisk Removal

If you are at the South Rim, don’t forget to reserve an overnight slot at the campgrounds near Havasu Falls. It’s one of the few attractions of the Grand Canyon that you should never miss.

  • Enjoy the ride

One way to travel the Grand Canyon is on the back of a mule. Why not horses? Because mules are said to be more surefooted than horses, thus making them the perfect beast to be used while traversing the canyon. There are mule rides being offered on the South Rim all year round and it doesn’t cost much for you to have them for a few hours.

Learn How to get to Havasu Falls at http://grandcanyonsecrets.com/ .