A Look At My Top Three Beauty Products

I love experimenting with new beauty products to see which ones will give me the best results. However, there are certain products that I go back to again and again (like Lifecell), simply because they work. Here are my top three beauty products:

stencil.blog-post-image* A good BB cream. I use BB cream rather than foundation simply because it has sunscreen built in and it works better with my aging skin. Foundation tends to settle in my wrinkles and pores, whereas BB cream tends to hide these flaws.

stencil.blog-post-image (2)* A high-quality concealer. As I have gotten older, the dark circles under my eyes have gotten worse. I have also started to develop a few age spots. Concealing these helps my skin looked much more youthful and fresh.

stencil.blog-post-image (1)* A facial brush. Every night before bed, I brush my face using a brush that is specifically designed for use on the skin. This helps exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow which, in turn, helps keep the skin healthy and wrinkle-free.

These are the main beauty products that I can’t live without. They do a wonderful job of helping me maintain my skin and look my best on a daily basis.