How to Become an Online Poker Dealer and Get Paid

Poker dealer/dealers have decent earning potential, even online ones – but it takes skill, both in terms of poker, and dealing with people, to truly be successful.

The good news is that it’s possible to learn those skills – online too (like inĀ poker qq for example). You can enroll on an online dealer school and watch expert dealers, pick up their tricks, get told what a dealer should be doing (engaging with the players and keeping the game moving smoothly, and learn the words that they use.

Players won’t tolerate dealers that aren’t consistent, competent and personable, and that’s what going to a dealer school would teach you. Once you graduate, you’ll find that the schools usually have links with companies that want dealers. Whether that’s working in a bricks and mortar casino, or working online is up to you. Online dealers might be expected to work more than one table – and thy’ll be expected to be able to keep track of the tables they’re working, too, and acknowledge customers that they have seen a few times. It’s those human touches that will help to set you and your table apart from others (and get tips too!).