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Check Out These 3 Legit Phone Spy Apps To Use

When you hear that there are some great phone spy text apps out there on the market, what comes to mind? Maybe this is an area that you hadn’t quite yet thought about yet, and now you’re excited. At first glance, you might think that these spy apps are all going to be about doing the same thing. Wrong. You aren’t going to believe what all there is out there.

For starters, there is an app that allows users to listen in on conversations around them like a spy. With apps like these, it’s all about doing what you’re doing without being noticed, right? There is a similar app that deals with taking pictures vs listening in and spying on conversations. Then there are those apps that help track phones. These can come in handy when you want an extra layer of protection for your kids. You can always look up their phone number and find them using GPS.

This is just three ways these phone spy apps can work for you. There are other types of these apps, and then you can imagine the market is saturated with choices for each type. Pay attention to the ratings before you decide to download anything.


How to Become an Online Poker Dealer and Get Paid

Poker dealer/dealers have decent earning potential, even online ones – but it takes skill, both in terms of poker, and dealing with people, to truly be successful.

The good news is that it’s possible to learn those skills – online too (like in poker qq for example). You can enroll on an online dealer school and watch expert dealers, pick up their tricks, get told what a dealer should be doing (engaging with the players and keeping the game moving smoothly, and learn the words that they use.

Players won’t tolerate dealers that aren’t consistent, competent and personable, and that’s what going to a dealer school would teach you. Once you graduate, you’ll find that the schools usually have links with companies that want dealers. Whether that’s working in a bricks and mortar casino, or working online is up to you. Online dealers might be expected to work more than one table – and thy’ll be expected to be able to keep track of the tables they’re working, too, and acknowledge customers that they have seen a few times. It’s those human touches that will help to set you and your table apart from others (and get tips too!).

What to do in Grand Canyon?

The immense size of Grand Canyon National Park is short of amazing. On the surface, this natural wonder covers at least 1 million acres of land. Traditionally, people prefer to measure based on how long the Colorado Rover winds through the entire park, which is at 277 miles.

Before you venture out into the amazing attractions of the Grand Canyon, it is best to take some time to do your homework for useful travel tips.

  • Get educated

Don’t miss out on the fun and insightful park ranger programs that are being held throughout the entire Grand Canyon vicinity. You can sign up to most programs and most of them are free. Take advantage of these educational tours that include information about the culture and history of the Grand Canyon.

  • Experience the Grand Canyon

There is no better way to know more about a place than trying out the many experiences that it offers. For instance, the Grand Canyon Association Field Institute offers backpacking and hiking classes to beginners. For experienced hikers and campers, the national park also offers overnight backcountry trekking activities that you can enjoy.

Other activities that might pique your interest are:

  • Indian Garden Backpack
  • Yoga on the Edle
  • South Rim Fiber Arts & Wool Workshop
  • Boucher Canyon Tamarisk Removal

If you are at the South Rim, don’t forget to reserve an overnight slot at the campgrounds near Havasu Falls. It’s one of the few attractions of the Grand Canyon that you should never miss.

  • Enjoy the ride

One way to travel the Grand Canyon is on the back of a mule. Why not horses? Because mules are said to be more surefooted than horses, thus making them the perfect beast to be used while traversing the canyon. There are mule rides being offered on the South Rim all year round and it doesn’t cost much for you to have them for a few hours.

Learn How to get to Havasu Falls at http://grandcanyonsecrets.com/ .

How to Prepare Moving your Possessions to a Storage Unit

Creating a layout for your storage unit can be very challenging. Although you may know the size and dimensions of your unit, it’s still pretty hard to visualize its size when you’re packing boxes at home. If you want to make sure that everything you need to store will fit just right in your rented storage space, here are tips that you need to follow:

  • Gather all the items that you want to place in storage

Gather all your personal belongings and valuables that you want to put into storage. Don’t just lay them on the floor, but instead start organizing them in boxes instead. it may be very well tempting to simply toss all your items in one pile. But remember that you need to have them organize before moving. Make sure to tidy them up in boxes so you can start organization early on.

  • Use tape and tape measure to draw the size of your storage space

Recreate the dimensions and size of the unit you have opted to rent at home. You can do with the help of a tape and tape measure. Simply outline the measurements on the floor. Mark out the unit size with a colorful tape so you can easily visualize how your actual storage space really is.

  • Move items inside the marked area

Move all the boxes you packed inside the taped area.  This will give you an idea if you need to adjust the size of your storage space. If you feel that the space is too small for you, the storage company will allow you to upgrade to a bigger sized unit. This also goes the same if you want to downsize to a smaller unit.

  • Do not forget the ceilings

Never forget to measure the ceiling height. This is especially true if you plan to stack boxes on top of one another.

I Love Watching Movies

I think that everyone would agree that watching movies is one of the best ways to pass a few hours of leisure time. There is nothing quite like making some fresh buttered popcorn, grabbing your favorite beverage and chocolate bar, and then settling in on a cold winter day to watch your favorite movie.

In the past you would need to either by the movie or rent it at your local video store. If you enjoyed watching a lot of movies this would end up being quite costly and add a big hit to your monthly budget. However, today we see that you can simply download your favorite movie from a variety of websites for free (I watch from solarmovies site). No longer will you have to pay a monthly rate to watch movies from various pay to view movie websites.

Can you imagine how much money you will be able to save by downloading or streaming and then watching thousands of movies? There are a variety of these fantastic free websites available to you. Some of the websites include Movie Watcher, My Download Tube, House Movie, Movie Flixter, and New Movies Online just to name a few of the many sites that provide this free service.